Rain in Dubai

The UAE’s weatherman is predicting a pleasant weekend ahead even as there were reports Tuesday of morning showers in Dubai’s Jebel Ali area, and the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) reckons that more areas could experience rain on Friday. 

The NCMS, the UAE’s official weather forecaster, says that the country’s northern, eastern and island areas are set to witness an increase in the cloud cover, with chances of rain over some of these areas. 

Tuesday’s showers in Dubai’s Jebel Ali area were reported around 9.30am and are said to have lasted for about 15 to 20 minutes, bringing temperatures down. 

Thursday’s NCMS forecast was for “[r]elatively hot weather during the daytime over the interiors [and] mild to pleasant at night over the interiors and the mountains, and partly cloudy over scattered areas.” 

The UAE weatherman expects the amount of cloud cover to increase, especially over the northern, eastern and the islands areas, “with a chance of some towering clouds, with some rain over some of these areas”. 

Showers are also in store for tomorrow as the NCMS reckons that the weather will remain more or less the same over the weekend. 

The cloud cover and scattered rains are playing their role in bringing the mercury down, and maximum temperatures are set to remain below the 40-degree threshold today, the first time they will do so this season. 

Minimum temperatures, on the other hand, will dip to a very pleasant 17°C in the country’s internal and mountainous regions although humidity is expected to keep them relatively high at 23°C in the coastal towns. 

The wind will be moderate, freshening at times, says the weatherman, and sea is expected to be light to moderate over the Arabian Gulf, and moderate to rough at times, especially north of Oman and Strait of Hormuz. 

Hard to believe but two months of hardly seeing a cloud, I woke today to the usual sunrise, turned on the computer, got down to checking emails, etc and about half an hour later, thought I heard thunder.  Looked outside and whoa – clouds!  And a little bit of rain to follow.  Did not last long and did not cool things down but an amazing change of weather.  A lot of raised dust occurred as the storm passed through.  The car washers would have been very happy!