Massacre in West Kurdistan! The Jabha Al Nusra prepares for the massacre of the Kurds in Giri Sipi city

    Al-Nusra terrorist

espite the periodical descents and ascents, the civil war in Syria continues for more than 2 years. The process which began with peaceful demonstrations turned into an armed conflict as a result of the brutal attempts by the regime to suppress the protests. Presumably the casualties have gone beyond 100 thousand. At the present time, there are uncontrolled armed groups and the military powers of the regime on the streets instead of people marching for their freedom demands. In the country where the destruction has reached an unprecedented level.

The Kurds – who are the largest ethnic group after the Arabs in Syria and are the potential catalyst for a possible pluralistic and democratic process in Syria- have indicated at the beginning of the conflict that they are interested in peaceful transition from dictatorial regime to a democratic and pluralistic system. They avoid being a part the conflict which causes thousand of deaths, destruction of infrastructures in the country with any visible result.

At the beginning to the present time, Kurds have tried to protect Kurdistan region in Syria (in Kurdish: Rojava – Western Kurdistan) from the conflict and provide humanitarian aid to those who escape from the conflict including Arabs, Assyrians, Armenians and Kurds. In Kurdistan region in Syria, limited resources were mobilized for the needs of all people including education and health services. In recent days, the stability of Kurdistan region under threat of Turkey supported Al-Qaida linked groups. Their attacks become systematical and many people have been killed, kidnapped or displaced (For further information please see below listed links to reports which have been verified by independent journalists and

NGOs. Therefore we ask the international community, the media, and the human rights organizations to intervene without any delay to prevent further killing of civilians. Please raise your voice against ongoing crime committed by Al-Qaida linked fundamentalist groups and Bashar Asad Regime. As above mentioned, Western Kurdistan is less affected from the Syrian conflict yet and becomes a safe heaven for those who escape from the Syrian conflict. However the Al-Qaida linked fundamentalist groups will now export this war to Western Kurdistan through the logistical helps of some neighboring countries. The spread of war to West Kurdistan will cause a humanitarian disaster in the region and a brutal ethnic cleansing against Kurdish people.

It is time to mobilize International communities, governments, NGOs and media to prevent an upcoming humanitarian disaster.

We would like to share with you some of the war crimes committed by the Bashar al-Assad regime and by the dissident groups and the gangs who have linked with Al-Qaeda since the beginning of the civil war.

1st INCIDENT: Al-Nusra Front which is linked to Al-Qaeda has killed 50 Kurdish civilians and took 350 Kurds as prisoners in the towns Tal Hasil and Tal Aran of the city Aleppo.
Some news articles on the incident:


hemp plant \cannabis\,and within the coordination with the customs department of Kobani, the Asayish forces has seized 150 kg of these harmful plant.

Where they have seized  100kg of the hemp plant, in cartons equipped and prepared for sale, in hand four people three of them from western Kurdistan and the fourth from northern Kurdistan, on the border road between Kobani and Turkish border.

As they seized 50 kg of the same plant, in Dendik village, west Kobani where has been informed to Asayish forces, about the presence quantity of \cannabis \,in one of the house, where a group of Asayish forces formed patrol, and confiscated narcotic substances, and sent it to the Asayish department in Kobani.

Asayish forces has burned all the cannabis plant, in the yard in front of Asayish center.Görsel

 Hasakah province: A 10 year old girl was killed of injured she suffered from the ISIS bombardment on her house this Monday, south of Ras al-Ein city. The bombardment on Monday directly killed the 11 year old sister of the deceased. The ISIS forces who bombarded their house were based in Tal Halaf.

An unknown group detonated a bomb in the People’s House, run by the Democratic Society Kurdish Movement, in Hasakah city’s al-Nasira neighbourhood. The bomb was placed in the training room, damage to the building was reported but no reports of casualties. Hasakah province: Clashes ongoing since this morning between the YPGGörsel and the ISIS and allies in the village of Mathloom, south of Tirbeh Sabih (Qahtaniya) city. Clashes took place between them last night by the villages of Safa and Qeiroa, by Jel Agha (Jawadiya) city, no reports yet on the number of losses. The area north of al-Shadadi town was under regime bombardment, no reports of losses.

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