Challenging living conditions are still being faced by earthquake

Challenging living conditions are still being faced by earthquake victims who lost their houses in two major earthquakes that hit the province of Van in 2011, on 23 October and 9 November. These people are since living in the Anatolia container city which they are being forced to leave now. They have nowhere else to go.

Four earthquake victims on death fast in Van

A group of earthquake victims went on a hunger strike 18 days ago after the governor’s office ordered power cut-off in the container city. Four among them have turned their hunger strike to death fast.

The governor is on the other hand making every effort to evacuate the container city which is currently hosting 120 families made up of 400 people. In addition to the power cut which began 22 days ago, the mosque in the container city was closed and the security staff has been recalled from duty.

Gülten Turgut, one of the earthquake victims on death fast, said that they had to stage this protest in response to the conditions they are being subject to. Turgut, underlining that they demand nothing but their housing right, said they will not end their protest until their demand is met.

Another protestor on death fast told that the governor’s office tried to deceive the earthquake victims who -he underlined- wanted a permanent solution to their housing problem. He told that they were aggrieved by the practices of the state.

Earthquake victims demanded to be provided with electricity for their children at least, who will once again be entering the new education year, to begin on 16 September, in containers.

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