Kurds. We have always lived in peace

Western Kurdistan’s People’s Defense Units (YPG) Press Office released a statement on Thursday giving information about the clashes going on  in western Kurdistan since Thursday.


YPG said that 31 members of the al-Qaeda linked gang groups have been killed in clashes with YPG fighters in the last one day.

TAL ABYAD: 16 gang members were killed in an attack YPG carried out against the headquarters of the groups in the Birkino village of Tal Abyad (Girê Spî) city bordering Turkey. YPG fighters destroyed the headquarters and two vehicles carrying antiaircraft weapons.

SERÊKANİYÊ: YPG fighters destroyed a vehicle carrying antiaircraft weapons in an attack they carried out near the Til Xelef city, four km away from Serêkaniyê. Eight gang members were killed in the attack by YPG fighters who also destroyed another weapon-laden vehicle that arrived at the scene for help after the attack.

QAMISHLO: Seven members of the gang groups were killed and four others were wounded after YPG fighters responded to the groups’ attack against the Rehiya Umrê village.YPJ / YPG

ALEPPO: Clashes continued on the eight day in the mainly Kurdish populated city of Aleppo since the gang groups attacked Kurdish neighborhoods of the city on 6 September. According to YPG, many gang members were killed and wounded in today’s clashes which broke out after the groups carried out heavy weapon attacks to enter the Kurdish neighborhoods.

The statement noted that three fighters of the YPG have lost their life in clashes since Thursday. YPG said one among them, Nureddin Qehreman Gulo, died in clashes in Aleppo and two others were killed in clashes in Tal Abyad and Qamishlo.

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