During a meeting in Moscow on Tuesday, the Iranian deputy foreign minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahiyan, mentioned that Kurds need to stop daydreaming about independence. jankalan

Massoud Barzani , president of Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish Region, told the BBC he intends to hold a referendum on Kurdish independence.

But the Iranian diplomat strongly disapproved of Barzani’s plan. He said it was now ’vital to take measures to prevent the break-up of the country,’ reported to Jankalan


’Instead of daydreaming, the leaders of Iraqi Kurdistan should take a look at reality,’ he stated.

Other Iranian officials and Iranian media also condemned Kurdish wishes for independence and suggest the division of Iraq as an American-Israeli conspiracy.

The head of the Iranian Majlis’ National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, Ala’edin Borujerdi, spoke out strongly against the Kurdistan Region in statements published by the Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency.

’Any word spoken on the partition of Iraq is playing in enemy’s court and implementation of an American-Israeli plan,’ Borujerdi stated in reply to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyah’s public endorsement for Kurdish independence.

Borujerdi added that any move towards the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan would amount to ’the implementation of special targets of the Zionist regime in the region.’

In a report to ICANA, Borujerdi added that Iran opposed the partition of any Muslim country in the region and that ’supporting the integrity of Iraq is an inevitable necessity.’

In an editorial published by the pro-government News Agency warned Kurdish president Massoud Barzani and told him to reconsider his statements, especially after Israeli officials endorsed Kurdish independence.

“His silence would indicate that he agrees with those remarks, in which case the Iraqi Kurdistan Region should await some hard and difficult days ahead of her.”
Jankalan contributed to this report