The Gaza strip, which actually received such

A woman cries as Palestinians flee their homes in the Shajaiyeh neighborhood of Gaza City, after Israel had airdropped leaflets … Daha fazla

Kurdish Independence Now

Half a century of misery in Syria and Iraq have come to a head. But one people—proud, The civil war … Daha fazla

Yeniçeri, Türkiye’nin bölgede etkinliği olmadığını,

MHP Ankara Milletvekili Özcan Yeniçeri, Mısır’da darbe karşıtlarına yapılan müdahale karşısında Türkiye’nin etkinliği olmadığını belirterek, “Türkiye; felsefesi, yaklaşımı doğru olsa … Daha fazla

Turkey was not the only country

Turkey’s clout in the Middle East is taking a beating with the brutal sidelining of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood derailing Ankara’s … Daha fazla


The massacre against over 400 Kurdish people, including 120 children, in Tal Abyad in northern Syria is probably the most … Daha fazla

illegal immigrants

  Ministry of Interior arrested 22,481 people found to be staying illegally in UAE in the first five months of … Daha fazla

Yeryüzünde devletleşemeyen ender uluslardan biri olan Kürdler

Yeryüzünde devletleşemeyen ender uluslardan biri olan Kürdlerin, bu konumda kalmalarının hem içsel hem de dışsal nedenleri vardır. Dışsal nedenlerin başında … Daha fazla

Egypt’s armed forces said on Friday that it will not allow acts

  Egyptian army warns against ‘endless circle of revenge’   Friday, 5 July 2013   Egypt’s armed forces said on … Daha fazla

Around 150 “thugs” attacked the building in the Moqqattam neighborhood with molotov cocktails, birdshot and stones, said Gehad al-Haddad, a spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood.

The headquarters of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, meanwhile, was attacked with petrol bombs, the Islamist movement and security officials said, according … Daha fazla

Rain in Dubai

The UAE’s weatherman is predicting a pleasant weekend ahead even as there were reports Tuesday of morning showers in Dubai’s … Daha fazla

Syria and Hizballah are preparing to “intervene” in Israel.

  merican sources claimed Saturday,  June 15, that the “military support” the Obama administration promised the Syrian opposition Friday consisted … Daha fazla